Wednesday, March 26, 2014

IBS Diet

Hello everyone,

After you are diagnosed with IBS you fumble around not knowing what you can and cannot eat, especially after you have an attack and are left feeling drained and dehydrated.

The safest way to start gaining control of your body again is to go on a bland diet (At least for a couple of days after the attack). This ensures that you have food in your system that will not aggravate your bowels and it will also give them a break.

"Safe" foods include:
White rice
White bread
Plain pasta (Boiled in water and without any sauces)
Mashed potatoes (Plain: Without milk or butter)


These are the items i personally eat/drink after an attack. There are other things you could try of course and it depends on your body's reactions.

When you're feeling better again and are back to "normal" you go back to your regular IBS diet.

Hope this helped,

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